dani - rearin' a red head

Hey there, Dani Best here -- the older side of the Oh Boy Mama coin. I am the mama to a goofy and stubborn 19-month-old, Charlie, and fur babies, Bently and Oliver. I’m an introvert parading around as a painfully awkward extrovert and I have a tendency to make things weird; whether it be falling into a horrible British accent for no reason or word vomiting on strangers. My firebeard of a husband and I own a custom home building company in a little mountain town called Evergreen and our weekends often consist of job site visits when we aren’t strolling around the open space parks by our new forever home or being surrounded by large herds of elk.

I’m excited to write about our adventures through motherhood and marriage, and also to share my “knowledge”, opinions and experience in this little thing called life. Where my sister brings her educational experience in childhood nutrition and development, I bring my personal experiences -- with all of the diaper blow-out scars and perpetual baby jam hands to prove it. We want to keep it light, but real and as always, relatable!

— Dani


gabi - mommin' a junior

Hello! The other, middle child (and don’t you forget it), boy mama here, Gabi Morris. I’m married to my best friend, Brock. He’s the perfect mix of entertainment and compassion. I’ve spent my life wanting to be just like my big sister so it’s no surprise that I became a boy mama too, just 14ish months later. May of 2018 brought me my beautiful baby boy, Brock Jr. He is the happiest baby and I’m not sure what I did to deserve such a go-with-the-flow baby. I’m also the mom to two fur children, Wrigley and Saylor.

Here you’ll find a little piece of my knowledge (or lack thereof) and opinion on so many things. I’m the director and lead teacher of a small preschool program in Moscow, Idaho and I have a lot of experience and stories that go along with it. I LOVE to talk about and nerd out on the topic of children’s feeding… you probably didn’t even know that was a thing someone could love but here I am keepin’ it weird. I spent two  years honing in on the topic for my master’s curriculum and completed my final project based around the elementary school lunchroom feeding environment (I’m sure you’ll hear lots more if you’re interested). Now I’m aiming to put that knowledge to use and find out how to practice what I preach as I shape who I am as a mother. My aim is to help and relate to you all in any way I know how. I plan to keep my posts real and relatable as I document my life and journey as an early childhood professional, a wife, daughter, sister, friend, and mama.

— Gabi

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