Grandma's Holiday Gift Guide 2018

To wrap up our gift guides this season we thought we would bring the people what they asked for! This gift guide was originally intended to be a grandparents gift guide but once I got going, most of the items were grandma related. So, sorry grandpas. Just kidding, a few of these items would be well-liked by either! Also, HI grandmas in our lives, read no further. LOL… but, really.


1 // Custom-made handwriting necklace by CaitlynMinimalist: I LOVE this item. What a special way to show grandma you love her and document your child’s writing all in one. Maybe it’s the preschool teacher in me, but, I just love the fact that you could look back in 20 years and see exactly what that cute, learning handwriting looked like.

2 // Lou & Grey Rainbowmarl Cardigan: If you’re not familiar with Lou & Grey, it is THE softest clothing line and it’s high-quality material. Follow the link to see the detail in the speckled fabric too… so pretty!

3 // Custom made photo book by Shutterfly: Grandmas love pictures! If your mom/dad are like mine, there’s only so much space for actual pictures in the house so these photo books pack a big punch in a little package. This is the cover of the one I made this year (shhhhh).

4 // Cozy Textured Robe by Gilligan & O’Malley from Target: So soft, so cozy. I can just see it on Christmas morning, with some baileys with a little coffee… I mean, some coffee with a little baileys. Whatever.

5 // Drawing Replica Key Chain by HomeIceEngraving: I think this one would be great for grandma or grandpa. Another cool keepsake without having to hold on to the actual picture… let’s be honest, no one actually keeps all 67 paintings that their kid brings home from preschool.

6 // Custom Cookbook by CreateMyCookbook: Okayyy, this one is SO dang cool. I stumbled upon this website and I think it would make the best gift that could be passed down for generations. I think I want to make one but I also don’t know how to include the recipe for “special noodles” (Top Ramen) lol, lookin’ at you, mom.

7 // “My Quotable Grandkid”: You know those things that kids say that either make you crack up, a tear come to your eye, or you cringe with embarrassment?! Write all of them down, tease the kids when they’re adults. It’s good for ‘em.

8 // “How to Babysit a Grandma”: They also have this one in “How to Babysit a Grandpa.” These books are comical and a cute inexpensive gift that grandma/pa and grandkid can enjoy together. You can never go wrong with books in my opinion.

9 // Custom Sound Wave Bracelet by kaieldesigns: I love this gift idea for a grandma-to-be with a fetal heartbeat engraved on it! Or, record your child saying “I love you grandma!” and it would be just as precious and special.

10 // Wicked Good Slippers from L.L.Bean: This is not the first time L.L.Bean slippers have appeared on our gift guides… these things are amazingly warm and soft and comfy! They have this style for men’s and women’s so it could work for either grandparent.

We have had so much fun putting these together for you all and I really hope they at least helped to spark some ideas! Now if only I had an unlimited gift-giving budget, I’d have all of this lol. Happy holidays and happy shopping!