On The Menu: Loaded Cauliflower Casserole

Just like millions of other Americans at the start of the new year… I’ve got some new health and wellness goals. To kick it off I’m following a modified Keto diet. I haven’t decided for how long, but you see, I’m a flaky diet follower so it’s up in the air. One thing I do love about the Keto diet is that it really isn’t too hard of a lifestyle change… I mean a diet where you don’t have to cut out cheese or bacon is hardly a diet in my book and I’m all about it. However, I do have a huuuuugggeee (insert Donald Trump meme here, lol) sweet tooth so that is one thing that is a little more difficult for me at the start of a Keto-based eating plan. Anyways… back to my point, today I’m sharing a recipe that I made for myself for dinner and it was SO GOOD. I got this recipe from Dear Crissy and I followed this one all the way because it was too good to skip or sub anything.

IMG_7924 2.JPG

This recipe was a great one because I was able to prep a few things while my son was napping. For example, the cauliflower cutting, bacon cooking, and cheese shredding. Also pro tip: (OK, it’s probably super well known) but, cook your bacon in the oven! It saves so much time and grease splatter all over your counters that drives me nuts. This recipe is keto-friendly and low-carb. Plus, it makes cauliflower taste so good. My husband (who claims he hates cauliflower) even loved this one. Head over to Dear Crissy through the link above to check out the recipe. But, I’m tellin’ you… this one’s a keeper.

IMG_7929 2.JPG

I think it’s also worth noting that this tastes great leftover. So, for Dani and I, whose husbands often put up a fight over cauliflower, we can save this one all for us and eat it as leftovers for lunch. You could easily pair this with chicken or steak to add some protein and a little more substance.

PS I am CLEARLY in no way a food photographer, so you’re welcome for the grade A pics of my cooking process. Also, my son who was supposed to be sleeping during this, woke up and therefore you only get two pictures.

Be on the lookout for the Keto menu plan dropping later this week. Quite a few of you were interested in that so we are excited to share it with you!