Target is my Therapy

Target is my sanctuary. And no, I’m not saying that to be just like every other 20-something woman or new mom… it really is true. But, how could you blame me? Target has all the things PLUS Starbucks in it. Like, the only way it could be better is if I could drink a margarita as I walked around. With that being said, in my small town we don’t have a Target. So, the Target Cartwheel app and the Target REDcard is my best friend. If you ask my husband, the T-word is worse than the F-word, lol. Regardless, we get a fair amount of those bullseye wearin’ boxes to our front door each month and I wanted to pull some of our favorite repeat-buys together in a post for ya’ll.

First, lemme tell you about the REDcard. I’m not one to buy into the whole store-specific credit cards but, Target offers a debit option!! When I found out I literally said, “So, what’s the catch?” But, I’ve had it now for almost two years and there isn’t one! It’s a card, linked to your checking account, no fees associated, no minimum purchase necessary. It give you at least 5% off every order (in-store or online) and free shipping and often times there are deals exclusively for REDcard holders. It’s SO worth it. PS this is not an ad. I wish Target would hire me because I’m a crazy person, but, this is all my honest true opinion.

Here are some of my favorite Target finds:

  1. Diapers… boring right? Wrong! I have price matched SO many stores for this and this is the best deal you can find. Sign up for diaper subscriptions. They’ll give you a bigger discount (15%) and you won’t have to worry about re-ordering them. “You can do this on Amazon,” you say, and to that I say, “But, I don’t have to have a membership to get free shipping on Target!” We have a subscription to the Huggies Little Snugglers, we’ve tried many-a-diapers and this is the winner. But, to each his own poop holdin’ contraption, they have many to choose from.

  2. nuun Hydration Sport +caffeine tablets. We were hooked on Zipfizz for a while but it’s just a little harder to get ahold of and to be honest, the level of caffeine was not necessary for me. These nuun tablets have only 40 mg of caffeine and have a subtle, but tasty flavor. Plus, you can’t beat the price! Target often does deals like buy 2 get one free and anytime we see a deal, we snag ‘em. They are a definite staple in our house.

  3. Pumping accessories! I wrote a whole post about my favorite accessories so I won’t go into too much detail but, Target always has competitive pricing and that additional 5% off is an added bonus! Their online store is never lacking in any brand. You can even get Spectra accessories that aren’t available in stores. *cough* free shipping *cough*

  4. Baby clothes. Literally all the baby clothes. Target has the best deals on onesies, the cutest baby rompers, and the widest selection of baby boy clothes where many stores and brands seem to be lacking. We love Target’s brand, Cat & Jack and you can’t beat the prices. Also, why is it that pajamas are so dang hard to find for babies over 6 months of age?! Target is our go-to and we know that new pajamas are just a few days away. O

  5. Bullseye’s Playground. Need I say more? I literally JUST LEARNED that they brought their dollar spot online! All of those adorable, affordable finds, now online. No need to dig through the shelves in the dollar spot in store only to find out that the tiny fake succulent you wanted isn’t available in the right color pot. Just click away on the app and boom, it’s at your door!

I probably could have linked 4000 things to this post, but, I’ll save you. I kept it to the true items that we repeatedly buy and utilize that REDcard for. I wanna know what you use your REDcard for if you have one?! What’s the Target item that I can no longer live without?!