10 Ways to Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

I’m writing this post to get a little validation here.. please tell me this is not just me. I spend so much time anticipating for and planning for different events in my life that I’m looking forward to! Literally, ask Dani, I will “countdown” for something like I’m counting down for my cardio workout to be over. I’m a, “three more days until Thursday which is only one day away from Friday which is the start to the weekend after 8 hours” kinda gal (she often teases me for it). The holidays really get the best of me in this aspect. I spend so much time planning for my precious days off of work and all of the things or lack-of things that my family and I will do together. This is great because it helps me to stay organized but at the same time, it truly makes it hard for me to enjoy life in the moment and become happy with the day-to-day. This year, I’m trying my BEST to kick those post-holiday blues out my door and here are the ten tips I’m planning to follow. I’m hoping you’ll join me too.

  1. Take up a new workout… or re-join an old one. My plan is to go back to the old yoga studio that I went to in college (now called Kula… if you’re in Moscow, check them out). They do a one-hour heated yoga on Monday and Wednesday nights that is so peaceful! One hour?! I can take that time for myself once a week. A few of my other favorites are HALO Hot Yoga in Meridian (for my Boise people) and Orange Theory Fitness. Or, if you’re looking for something you can do at home I love Alexa Jean Fitness… she’s got great workouts for pregnancy too. Kayla Itsines is a little tougher but she is also pregnant right now and has been posting some preggo-friendly workouts on her Instagram!

  2. Take the time for a short daily reflection. One of my FAVORITES (actually Dani, my mom, and I) is The Book of Awakening. The author, Mark Nepo, has had some incredibly inspiring and difficult life experiences that he has gone through and reading his thoughts and interpretations really puts new perspective and mindfulness into your own life.

  3. Plan an event or trip. I hate to put this one in here because if I can’t afford to go gallivanting around the country or world then why should I tell others to do so? But, this can literally be anything! A few things I have done in the past are: visited a nearby waterfall, taken a day trip to go hiking (in better weather of course), or even just planned a stay-cation where we turned off our phones, watched movies and got take-out for a night. The point here is to break away from your norm, I think it’ll help. One event that I’m looking forward to is going to my family’s cabin for Winter Carnival in McCall, ID.

  4. Make a routine out of calling a loved one or loved ones. This year I think it is mine (and Dani’s) goal to call one of our grandparents once every other week. Grandparents don’t use social media as much as our other family members and they really value an actual conversation… and we should too! All it takes is a little bit of time carved out and I promise at the end of your conversation you’ll feel so glad you did it.

  5. Take some time to further your education. No, I’m not telling you to go accrue tens of thousands of dollars in debt and go to (or back to) college. You may be surprised that I’m not telling you to do that since that seems to be my M.O. Here I’m just saying in whatever way fits your lifestyle. It might be taking a photography class, taking a parenting class if you’re an expecting parent, or even just taking a little time to read-up on an area that interests you. The best way to keep your mind sharp is to ALWAYS learn.

  6. Re-organize a room in your house. Re-doing/re-decorating adds a fresh new spin on something you see everyday. I, for one, don’t have the money to re-decorate my house every time I want to but, sometimes just moving things around or re-arranging furniture gives you just enough of that “new” feel. My plan is to switch out photos we have had in frames for over a year and to add a few large photo prints to the hallway at the top our stairs.

  7. Try a new recipe. My new recipes all consist of following a Keto diet (for now). But, you can try whatever! Not into cooking? Hell, try a new cake-in-a-mug recipe! For some reason cooking and baking make you feel accomplished and trying new flavors is always exciting. To me at least, but I have a deep love for food, lol.

  8. Start a project. I’m a HUGE Pinterest DIY-er. Big or small, I’ll try it out. Some of my favorites have been making a farmhouse-style dining table (OK, my husband made it and I watched) and I do small crafty ornaments or decorations every year. If you aren’t quite that crafty, try out a DIY house cleaner or tap into some self-care with a DIY sugar scrub.

  9. Get outside! This one is a little hard for me especially in the winter because If you know me then you know that I am 100% a summer girl. But, if you’re lucky enough to see the sun (even on a cold day) get outside! That Vitamin D can save a life. No joke. In Moscow where I live, we don’t see the sun as often in the winter but in college I had a SAD lamp that I used in my sorority and I’d say it’s the next best thing to real sun.

  10. Start a “thankful” or a “meaningful events” jar. I can’t remember where I originally saw this idea but my husband and I started this idea this year on January 1st and for the most part we have kept up with it. We have a glass jar right next to our coffee maker so that we don’t forget about it (because who can go a day without coffee right?!). We have several different colored sticky notes nearby and every time we have done something fun or memorable or even something funny that we want to remember we write it down, fold it up, and put it in the jar. This year, on December 31st we plan to open the jar and read all of the ways in which our lives were blessed with laughter and happiness this year!

There you have it… 10 ways to toss those gloomy feelings out the window! Make the commitment with me to try at least one of these thing everyday this month.

PS Only 75 days until Spring… you didn’t think I’d end this post without a countdown did ya?!