From Grease to Glow

I asked, you answered… wait, that’s not how these things normally go right? LOL. But really, you guys came in clutch with the tips and tricks for me to start the journey towards healthier hair and I can’t keep them all to myself. This blog post is a compilation of tips and tricks you can use to train your hair to go from oily and dead to healthy and THRIVING.

  1. Use Dry Shampoo- This seems to be the key ingredient to looking fresh on day two or three hair. Some of the suggestions I received were Dove and Batiste on the lower end and then (no surprise) Living Proof on the higher end. Low and high-I’m talking price-wise. Personally, I have tried several dry shampoos before. Living Proof is great but, in my opinion, you can get something similar quality for much cheaper so why splurge? I’m not a fan of Not Your Mother’s or Tresemme for dry shampoo because I feel like the smell says, “I didn’t wash my hair today.” Currently using: Batiste for brunettes and I’m in love with it. I can only smell it when I initially spray it (can you tell that’s a deal breaker for me?) and the brown tint protects me from looking dandruffy/grey.

  2. Washing your scalp breeds grease. What does that mean? This is going to be a work in progress. At first your hair will be greasier but as you “train” it, it will get less greasy and healthier over time. Some friends of mine say that they can go down to just one wash a week because their hair does so well with its natural self.

  3. Wear a shower cap or a tight bun while showering. Alright you guys, I won’t lie about this one… at first when I heard the trend of people washing less, I thought that meant they didn’t shower either. Bigger confession… I was still down for it because ain’t nobody got time for showers. Eeeek. Now that that’s off my chest, good news, you still shower. LOL But, you’ll need a shower cap or a tight bun (Mulan-style) so that you can avoid getting your hair wet. I go for the bun for now but I may switch to a shower cap as I become a more professional non-hair-washer.

  4. Use dry shampoo effectively. Probably my favorite tip because, any time I’ve used dry shampoo before I’m like, “waaaaiiit, I can’t be the only one too greasy for dry shampoo to work on?!” But, guess what! You gotta give it time. So, put the dry shampoo in at night-then it has time to do it’s magic- comb or brush through it in the morning and wa-la!

  5. Don’t be afraid to workout! I can’t tell you how many people responded to me saying that they go to various exercise classes or they go to the gym daily and they still can follow this plan! Wash your body (duh, Gabi) but don’t wash your hair. It’ll be fine.

  6. Utilize your hair creativity. I just sat here for a good 3 minutes trying to make hair and creativity into one word. And, no. Just, no. Hairitivity? Anyways, most people told me to utilize messy curls, utilize up-do’s and top knots, and to utilize hats and hair scarves! Brilliant! I can’t wear a hat to work but you had me at hair scarves. I’m there.

So, with these tips from the pros (you guys) here’s the plan I’m trying out:

Initially, Wash on: Sunday → Wednesday → Saturday → Tuesday… you’re getting the pattern here right?

Soon, I hope to wash on: Monday and Friday (or something like that) Why can’t a week have an even amount of days so that this is easy to keep track of? Now I feel like I have a bone to pick with whoever decided 7 was a good number. Unless it was God, then we’re cool. It’s fine. Seven is awesome.

Again, this post quite literally could not have happened without you guys, so thank you! My hair thanks you too!