Keeping Christmas Small

Being in your 20’s is weird. You still kind of feel like you should stay up late at your parents house watching movies with your siblings on Christmas eve but, you also feel like it’s time to start your own traditions and make Christmas about your own immediate family now. For the first few Christmases my husband and I were together, we did the whole adult kid thing. At two houses. Don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing to have such wonderful families to spend the days with and people on both sides who want the most of your time. However, our Christmas, like literally the day, became split 50-50, between my family, his family, and then the rest of the day was spent driving around town trying to get from one location to the next. It. was. exhausting.

See our failed attempt at self-timer photos from last Christmas above… also see- pure happiness on our faces.

When we got married, we moved about a 12 hour drive away from any family members. Our first Christmas as a married couple, we decided we just couldn’t make the trip home for the holidays. The season came and with it came so many mixed emotions. It was the first Christmas either of us did not spend with family. It felt weird and empty. Then Christmas day came and let me tell you, it was amazing! We woke up when we wanted, we made what we wanted to eat for breakfast, we spent the morning relaxing and enjoying each other, went to a movie, and then had crab for dinner. If you know me, you know I was PUMPED about this because to be honest I’m not a big holiday-food fan. Along with these new traditions, we decided to keep Christmas small between the two of us. We filled each others’ stockings and got our Christmas Eve pajamas and that was IT! I can’t tell you how much stress these things released from us. The pressure of the gift giving and money spending was gone and the annoyance of spending too much time in the car on a holiday went out the window. We truly enjoyed the day.

From that day on, we decided that Christmas would be for just our little (but slowly growing) family. This year we plan to soak up our little man’s snuggles, take in every second of his first Christmas, and then have a dinner with two close friends (crab included-obviously).

We’re looking forward to a holiday spent with each other, craziness and all.

We’re looking forward to a holiday spent with each other, craziness and all.

So I guess what my rambling introduction was trying to say is… Christmas should be a day of relaxation and happiness. If you don’t want to do the split time between mom and dad’s house or parent’s and in-law’s house… don’t do it! You’re an adult now, you can decide if your Christmas will be spent with the whole extended family or just your own or hell, just you! Another thing Christmas shouldn’t be is stressful! If you like giving gifts, give away! If giving gifts stresses you the F out, opt for different “gifts” like a nice note or taking your loved ones out to dinner for some quality time and food that you don’t have to clean up after. You do you, boo.