Old Navy SALE

Remember in the Loft try-on when I said I might never do that again? Well yesterday, I spotted a huge Old Navy clearance sale, couldn’t help myself and suddlenly I found myself knee deep in clothes in a crowded Old Navy dressing room, with my 8 month old teething baby in-tow. What was I thinking?!

Just kidding, it wasn’t all that bad. But, Old Navy had some killer deals this weekend (no coupon code needed) and I couldn’t pass up sharing them with you all! This time I included a few picks for kids too. Which by the way, does anyone know the merchandiser for Old Navy or the buyer for the Old Navy in Moscow specifically?! I have a bone to pick because there is ALL the cute girl things and ZERO cute boy things here. Like literally the boys have two racks and the girls have three sections.

Anyways enjoy and happy shopping!! Deals are online and in store (some better prices in store) through today.

Do you like the try-ons? Leave us some feedback or where you’d like a try-on from next in the comments!