Self-Love Soapbox #1

Self-love is something Dani and I both wanted to really focus on for content in our blog. There is so much judgement and so many opinions out there that are right at our fingertips these days with social media that sometimes self-love is a lot easier said than done. Am I mom-ing right? Am I wife-ing right? Am I even adult-ing correctly?? All of these things among hundreds of others are out there to get you down on the way you do things and the way that you feel is best. However, the bottom line is that you are YOU and no one else is!

Dani and I spent the first half, if not the majority, of our lives so far constantly picking ourselves apart. This was something that was reinforced in our thinking through so many avenues. From the media to the influences around us in our own family. Personally, I remember tracking my weight and food intake every single day from the age of 13. I have a vivid memory of a journal I kept with the words “Stop eating so much! Goal weight: 85 lbs.” Now if any of you knew me in high school or have seen pictures of me at the age of about 14-15 you would know that I only weighed about 91 or 92 lbs. and I most definitely did not have five more pounds to lose. However, I never stopped thinking that there was something I was doing wrong for my body if I wasn’t losing weight.

This mindset continued throughout high school and even through the first few years of college. I talked about myself and to myself in a horrible tone of voice with negativity and angst behind it. I battled my seasonal depression with two-a-days and back to back hours at the gym. Then at some point along the way, I can’t remember if it was my friends or something I read, I realized that my body and mind were the only ones suffering from this treatment and no one was reaping the benefits. I once read a quote that went something like: exercise is not a punishment but a celebration of what your body can do; and that just stuck with me!

This post is a little ramble-y but my point is: appreciate yourself. You are you. You will never look like person X even if you workout everyday and eat “perfectly.” You will only look like a different version of you. Your body works hard! It goes to school or work or raises kids or runs errands or cooks or cleans every single day… it works hard! Eating healthy is awesome! If you want to make that your life, do it! If you don’t, don’t force yourself to! I know I can’t think of one time I regretted catching up with friends over appetizers and a drink, thinking to myself “Oh, I totally should have ate kale and hit up the gym instead!” Do what you love, appreciate your physical body and your mental state. Life is way too short to spend every day trying to be someone that you aren’t (especially since you never will be).

I hope this category of posts brings you happiness, peace, and self love. Not just every now and then, but every dang day!