Gabi’s 5 Must-Have Baby Registry Items

After getting expertise from Dani, a newish mom at the time as well, on what to add to my registry, I was able to compile a little additional list of things that I’ve grown to love in my first few months as a mama to my own L.O. The intro to my baby registry post isn’t nearly as catchy or clever but, like you already read hers (if you didn’t, here’s the link), so just pretend I said all of those same things… AND world peace.

1. Boppy Nursing Pillow – You’re probably thinking, well duh, everyone recommends this but, maybe one more vote might really convince you. This is a U-shaped “nursing” pillow that is sold basically anywhere you find baby items. I linked the cute print I have from Target. Lots of moms love to bring this to the hospital to use for nursing your new babe - you’d be surprised how heavy a 6ish pound baby gets when you have to hold them in a specific position for an entire feeding. However, you can use the Boppy for your L.O.’s entire first year.

Why you need it: You can use it to ease the stress on your arms while breastfeeding, for tummy time, to assist a sitting baby, or even like a little inner tube at the water park. Except, don’t put it in water, it will not float. If you have a normal person’s body any of these uses will be great. But… if you have a freakishly short torso, like, your hips and ribs basically touch, like I do then it may not work as a nursing pillow. I feel like that little warning needs to be thrown in there because when I came home from the hospital I was stoked to use it to feed Baby B… if only he ate from my collar bone lol. But, all jokes aside, we have used this thing every day since then to prop B up, practice tummy time, and we’ve even used it for an occasional nap spot (shhhh, it’s fine, we watch him the whole time).

Our Boppy with the cutest little print on it.

Our Boppy with the cutest little print on it.

2. Happy Baby Wrap- This is an item I did NOT have on my registry. But, for just about every single day (until I ordered one) after the first week of B’s life I was kicking myself for not having one. This wrap is basically one long -very long -piece of fabric that you can easily tie around your own body and then nest your L.O. inside to sleep or hangout while you get all of the things done!

Why you need it: Two words: TWO HANDS. But seriously, I did not realize how many things I would need to learn how to do with one hand upon becoming a mother. Like, make breakfast, coffee, pumping, and washing your hands (you’ll never believe how hard it is to scrub soap on one hand). Anyways, this wrap gave me my hands back and if that isn’t reason enough then I don’t know what is. It is less expensive than most similar products which is a major plus. It’s easy to use, I read the instructions once (okay twice) and then had it down! It can be adjusted to anyone who wants to wear your baby. Holla at the baby-wearin’ dads out there!

Happy Baby wrap in “Slate”

Happy Baby wrap in “Slate”

3. Owlet Smart Sock- This item is pricey but, TRUST ME I would not recommend it if it wasn’t totally worth it. This is essentially a style of baby monitor. You put the sock on your baby’s foot before bedtime and then turn on the base station monitor and download the app that goes along with it. It comes with several sock sizes to grow with your L.O. The app then tells you your baby’s heartbeat as well as their oxygen levels while they sleep. If any concerning readings of those two things arise then your phone as well as the base station will flash a “mayday” type noise and turn red so that you can take appropriate action.

Why you need it: This one I feel like is pretty self explanatory. Wouldn’t you love to be able to alert your baby if they stop breathing (as babies do sometimes) or to be alerted awake if for some reason something was in front of baby’s face and affecting their breathing?! I would! I pray that these things never happen to me, you, or to anyone but, the peace of mind knowing you’ll be alerted if they do is amazing. Also, I got way more sleep after starting to use this thing because I wasn’t awake every five minutes watching for the rise and fall of B’s belly (although, they’re so cute when they sleep right?!).

4. Little Unicorn Cotton Swaddles- These are just blankets, you say? Yes, but they’re so much more. These things are the softest muslin cotton fabric, lightweight, and breathable.

Why you need it: Like I mentioned, they’re soft and lightweight. They come in the cutest prints… I need them all. Also, they’re big! Is there a reason that baby blankets are so damn tiny usually?! Like, I get it, babies are also tiny but babies don’t sit on the couch, watching Netflix, and drape a blanket over their legs like we do… they need to be wrapped up or swaddled so you need a little extra fabric. Added bonus- Little Unicorn also sells crib sheets (which I own and recommend as well) and changing pad covers that you can get all in matching prints. Or, you can just get the super random vegetable one that I have because I just really love avocados (yes, I know they’re a fruit but the rest of the foods on the blanket are veggies).

5. DockATot- If you haven’t heard of these things- look up a few reviews. This item is also a little spendy but, worth the money AND they offer a monthly payment plan too. Plus, I’m gettin’ a full use outta this thing as I plan to use it for all of my kids. Basically it’s like a hug when you’re baby sleeps. It has a pillow-like cushion around it and then a base that they lay in. It can be used as a co-sleeper (don’t hate, to each his own), a portable nap spot, for tummy time, etc.

Why you need it: Like I said, it’s like a hug when your baby sleeps! Babies love to feel safe and secure which is why they sleep so dang well while being held. This little docking station helps them to feel comfortable enough to sleep. It’s also great because it’s light and easy to travel with. I’m stoked on that feature because it keeps that same feeling during sleep no matter where you are. Consistency is key, people! Also, you can quickly unzip the cover and machine wash it if your babe is like B and pees out the side of his diapers or spits up on the dang thing all of the time.