The Best Disposable Diapers of 2018

I remember being at my baby shower and older friends and other families asking us, “Are you going to be a pampers or huggies family?” I lightly laughed at the question and said, “I don’t think I really care.” Little did I know, diapers that you like are a game changer. From re-usable to “natural” disposable, to generic disposable and more, one thing being a mom has taught me is that diapers DO matter and you really need to know your baby to figure out your best fit.  When I started out I would have loved to have had a comparison to read about before getting myself hundreds of diapers deep into a brand that we really didn’t care for. Happy and stinky…? reading to you!

The contestants are:

Mama Bear

Absorbency- Pretty great! The absorbance on these is really close to huggies/pampers.

Fit- These are wider but really short. If your baby is on the taller side, or has a long torso, these are not the diapers for you! We noticed “we” grew out of the size 2 in these diapers faster than the size 2 in other brands because his little butt crack was hangin’ out. Baby butts are cute but blow-outs up the back are not.

Price- Great at about $0.17 per diaper, plus, if you have Amazon Prime the shipping is quick and free!

Overall 4 out of 5- These are soft and have adorable little bear prints on them! The absorbency and price are great. However, these are not our go-to because of the fit. We’ve got a tank of a little guy.

Pampers Swaddlers

Absorbency- Being one of the top brands of diapers, these things can absorb quite a bit without leaving the wetness feel on your little one. My little guy sleeps through the night and these keep his skin dry the whole night.

Fit- In my opinion, pampers are longer (they go up the back and up the belly further than others) but they are a little more narrow.

Price- A little more on the expensive side at about $0.24 per diaper but if you like ‘em, you like ‘em.

Overall 4 out of 5- Not bad. For being “the number one choice of hospitals” I really was turned off by that chemical smell!

Pampers Baby Dry

Absorbency- Pampers are a top name brand of diapers,  however, they’ll try to getcha with these ones. I see baby dry as like the skim of milk, it’s still milk but it tastes sorta like it’s half water. They don’t absorb as much as the Pampers Swaddlers. When these diapers are saturated they give off some sort of a chemical smell too which is somewhat concerning.

Fit- These fit identical to other Pampers diapers.

Price- Better than the Pampers Swaddlers because you get what you pay for. These will cost you about $0.21 per diaper.

Overall 2.5 out of 5- That chemical aroma is not one you want to be smelling when your baby’s soft precious skin is on the line. At least that’s how I feel. They are much more papery and thin feeling than Swaddlers, giving them a sub-par rating in my book.

Huggies Little Snugglers

Absorbency- These are neck and neck with Pampers Swaddlers on absorbency. They’re thick and can hold up all night with our little guy. They also do a great job holding in the poopy diapers too. As the sizes get bigger, they give you extra “velcro” on the front so that you’re doubly secured and there isn’t much more you can ask for in a diaper than being double secured.

Fit- These are the perfect fit if your little one is on the chubbier side like ours. They are long but not too long and much wider than other brands fit, givin lots of space for those rolly thighs.

Price- A little less than $0.24 per diaper… on the steep side, comparable to Pampers Swaddlers. Worth it if you ask me though.

Overall 5 out of 5- They’re so soft they feel like fabric, they have a little poop pocket that helps catch the blow-outs, they’re thick, they fit our chunky boy well, and they’re overall just worth the money. What can I say? We just love ‘em.

Kirkland (Costco)

Absorbency- Pretty stinkin’ good for the price. These diapers are thick and hold up pretty well over long periods of time.

Fit- These fit similarly to Huggies Little Snugglers in my opinion. A little wider and a decent length.

Price- Right about $0.16 per diaper. Definitely on the cheaper side and in bulk quantities too (duh, Costco).

Overall 4 out of 5- If you’re lookin’ to save some money and you have a Costco nearby (I do not, sadly) then these are for you! The price is great for what you get and the diapers are thick and soft.

Mom to Mom (Safeway)

Absorbency- I’d give them a below-average on absorbency. These things were similar to, let’s say, putting a paper towel around your little one’s bum. OK, not that bad, but pretty bad also they felt like paper.

Fit- The fit was similar to pampers in my opinion. A little longer but less narrow.

Price- Somewhere around $0.13 per diaper. If you’re lookin’ for a deal these are your guys. However, the price really shows when it comes to quality here.

Overall 2 out of 5- The little tabs sometimes break off, they’re nearly scratchy they’re so paper-like, they’re thin and don’t absorb a whole lot. There are plenty of places you can go cheap when buying baby supplies but I would not recommend going cheap with this brand.


And the Morris household winner is… Huggies Little Snugglers!! We have been around the diaper block and have decided to drop the extra cash for these bad boys. They fit our chubby little dude perfectly and I never feel bad strapping these pillowy things onto his body each time. To each, disposable diaper-using, mama her own but, Huggies have our hearts.

Have a brand that you have a review for that you don’t see here or want us to try out a brand  you’re curious about? Drop it in the comments or send us an email! We’d love to help out for the greater good of the mamas of the world.