Brock's Birth Story

For some reason I love reading birth stories. There is something about the raw, real experience of a mother laboring that feels even stronger when you realize you’re not alone. Women are strong and we deserve to share the moments that make us feel the strongest. What better day to share this story than the eve of my sweet boy’s first birthday?!

To start Brock’s birth story, I’m going to go back to our 32-week ultrasound. The doctor scheduled this ultrasound to ensure that Brock was not only in the right position but that my placenta had also moved away from the bottom of my uterus. We went through the ultrasound and those two things looked great! However, again upon meeting with our doctor after the ultrasound we learned that Brock was very large! His stomach circumference was in the 96th percentile and his head in the 76th. This caused the doctor to request that we schedule yet another ultrasound at 36 weeks and another at 39 weeks just in case. At 36 weeks, we went in again and had the ultrasound. I was confused and frustrated at this point because I was thinking, “It’s not like he’s shrinking in there… what are we looking for?!” We did in fact find that he was still large, in fact, they estimated that he was around 7lbs 10oz already! However, the doctor’s main concern was that his stomach circumference was still larger than his head. This could be an issue during delivery because if his head came out and his stomach got stuck this could cause big complications. The doctor informed us that in some situations they dislocate the newborns shoulders or break his/her clavicle bone in order to get them out of the birth canal (yikes!). At this point, the doctor recommended that we consider a C-section. She said we would re-evaluate at our 39-week ultrasound and if things continued in the same pattern, then she would suggest that we schedule a C-section. There is absolutely nothing wrong with C-sections, but, I’m stubborn and this was not a part of my birth plan (God forbid, right?! Lol). I was pretty upset and uncomfortable with the news and I spent a few days convincing myself that it would be OK as long as Baby B was OK. My mom and I even devised a plan that I would ask to be scheduled for C-section on a particular day so that we could maximize her visit with us (haha)!

Little did I know… he had other plans.

On the morning of Cinco de Mayo, I snap chatted a bunch of our close friends jokingly saying that since Baby B had a little bit of Mexican in him that maybe he would feel inclined to come out that day! I’m pretty sure they all laughed out loud and a few even assured me there wasn’t a chance considering I was only 37.5 weeks at the time. That day we went to a friends’ house for a little outdoor Cinco fun! We spent a few hours in the sun eating good Mexican food, playing games, and Brock (only) drinking two beers all day. If you know him, this is a big deal lol but he wanted to be sure he was prepared at any time to take me to the hospital. After a few hours in the sun, my massive belly and I were ready to go home. That night, I taught two VIPKID classes and then Brock and I did our usual routine of eating dinner, watching Netflix, and falling asleep on the couches downstairs for a few hours before waking up and going up to bed. I woke up on the couch at about 10:30pm that night and jumped up ready to get to sleep in our bed. I needed to be up at 3:30 the next morning for four more VIPKID classes. I went to the kitchen to fill my water bottle up before waking up Brock to go to bed. I squatted my big old belly down to where our Brita filter is and began filling up my water when I felt something odd in which I thought couldn’t possibly be my water breaking! I slowly stood up and walked back into the living room to tell Brock. I said, “Hey, babe, I’m not sure but I think my water possibly just broke.” Side story: Brock is a HEAVY sleeper and he is known to be completely out of it when he first wakes up. He said to me, “Oh, okay” and then kind of rolled over on the couch. Pretty confused and then thinking, “Maybe I’m being dramatic.” I said, “So, what should we do then?” When he realized I wasn’t joking and it wasn’t a dream he woke up and we both decided we just didn’t know. I continued leaking fluid and so I did what any girl would do when possibly in labor and…called my mom! My mom said something to the tune of, well, my water never broke for any of you three so I don’t really know. Great! If mom doesn’t know then does anyone?! We came to the conclusion that I should try to call my OB or Labor and Delivery. I called Labor and Delivery at the hospital and they said that just to be sure they would like me to come in. Holy SH!T, it’s hospital time. I prepared a text to send to my boss at a more decent hour and cancelled my VIPKID classes. Then, we grabbed our bags, took the dogs out one last time, and headed to the car!

When we arrived at the hospital we learned that it was indeed my water that broke. However, I was only at one centimeter. They admitted me and put me on Pitocin. I was so excited and not yet in pain that I couldn’t sleep! After a few hours of staying awake like kids on Christmas, Brock and I both got a little sleep. I woke up around 5am starting to have stronger contractions. At about 6:30am I asked if I could be checked and potentially get my epidural already… I was starting to experience a lot of pain. She said I was only at a 1.5cm and that I needed to wait for the epidural. Let me tell you, one of the most frustrating things to hear is that you’re “ONLY at a ___” when you’re feeling that much pain! Am I right, mamas?! So, we continued laboring, Brock tried to get me to eat, and at about 9am I was at my pain’s end. I paged the nurse and basically told her that I didn’t care what I was at, I needed the epidural. Luckily, this nurse wasn’t messing around and the anesthesiologist was there around 9:30am. I immediately felt relief and got some sleep. My amazing mama, who booked her flight at 2am, waited on standby, and caught the 6am flight, arrived at the hospital by 10:45am!

To cut down the story for time’s sake, I experienced a LOT of back labor. I needed to be “bolus”-ed (got a big dose of meds in my epidural) once at 2pm and then again at 6pm. Each time they gave me the meds I was able to get 1-2 hours of sleep. But, when the meds wore off I was all but giving up. I was withering in pain, needed constant pressure on my back (thanks mom and Brock), and was vomiting from the medication. I woke up at around 7:15pm already anticipating the next time the meds would wear off and expecting to “only” be dilated to a 7 or so as labor had been a slow progression up to that point. My wonderful doctor came in at 7:30pm and asked the next time I would be checked. I told her the nurses planned to check my progress around 8:30pm which would have been about 3 hours since the last time. My doctor said, “That’s a while! Why don’t I check you now?” She quickly checked and simply said, “Complete!” I was shocked and a newbie to the terminology I guess but I said, “Like, what do you mean?” She said, “Time to push!” I immediately starting bawling. Mostly tears of excitement and relief but also, I was extremely nervous for this part. She got prepped and explained to me the process. A team of about ten nurses my husband said, I don’t remember, came into the room just in case that fear of the little babe’s stomach getting stuck came true. They wanted to be prepared for anything. I began pushing and after about six contractions, less than 30 minutes of pushing, our beautiful boy was here! May 6th, 8:11pm PST (well actually Arizona time zone but we won’t get into that) Brock Edward Morris Jr. came into the world with a Cubs game on the TV in the background (a Brock Sr. classic). No extra nurses needed, he was perfect. Just 7lbs 9oz and 19 inches of joy! They immediately put that sweet boy on my chest for 90 minutes of required skin-to-skin (love that!). After those 90 minutes, they took him to the bassinet in our room for his initial wipe down, diaper, weight, height, APGAR, etc. He gave us a little worry and a lot of surprise coming at 37.5 weeks but, it could not have been a more perfect and blessed day. We are so blessed to be his parents and I thank God every day that I was chosen to not only be a mama but to be HIS mama.