A letter to my son on your second birthday

Charlie Joe,

Another year has flown by faster than I would like. Another year of late night lullabies from the floor of your room as I hold your feet through crib bars. Another year of early morning snuggles with your hand cupping my chin as you sleep. Another year of belly laughs and peek-a-boos. Another year of chasing you around the house, your squeals bouncing off the walls.

This year I heard you say my name for the first time and it became the song my soul takes comfort in. This year you took your first steps, which quickly turned into running and climbing up hills and across houses. This year you learned to slurp cheerio milk from your bowl without spilling and said goodbye to your last bottle. This year you kissed me goodnight for the first time and barreled down the hallway just to wrap your arms around my neck and say “mommy” in my ear.

You, my smart little boy, continue to light up the room with your goofy grin and curious nature. The way your mind works just blows me away. Watching you stuff books in your crib so you can flip through their pages one more time before sleep warms this little book nerd heart of mine. The way you follow your dad around and watch everything he does, trying to be like him, makes me grin from ear-to-ear. From our brusha-brusha song in the morning, to even the obnoxious Gon Gon the Dinosaur song at night, the way you dance through life inspires me to live more in the moment and to do so with a dance in my step.

I pray that you always give a wave and a smile to a stranger. That you always clean up after your messes and that you continue to be someone who helps others clean up theirs without being prompted or asked. I pray that you never lose your compassion when others are hurt or sad and that you always offer kisses and hugs to those in need of a little love. I pray that this year be one filled with learning and laughter. That you discover new things about this world and about yourself.

Thank you for letting me be your mommy. Thank you for letting me feel, even on my bad days, even when I mostly don’t deserve it, that I am the best mom ever in your eyes. I will always be here to kiss your “ow-ways” when you fall down and will always clap and cheer you on when you feel accomplished (and even more so when you don’t ).

I look forward to another year of playing campout in your tent, building towers made of blocks and even helping you put dot stickers all over the walls.

To another trip around the sun with the little one who makes my entire world go round.

Happy Birthday, Charles Joseph.

Mommy loves you so so much.