Five Easy St. Patrick's Day Activities for Toddlers

Now maybe I’m weird, but St. Patrick’s Day is my favorite holiday. I know, I know… that’s weird. I think partially it is because it feels like a low key tribute to red heads (it is my greatest tragedy in life that I am not one, but my kiddo is so I win) and partially because I LOVE corned beef and cabbage. I’m not really making a case for me not being weird, but that’s okay. Now in the past, my husband and I would have celebrated with a St. Patrick’s Day themed 5k or 10k race, followed by some green beer and my BFF corned beef. However, since Charlie isn’t running 3 miles anytime soon and it’s typically frowned upon to feed a toddler beer, I rounded up some fun crafts and activities that we are going to try this weekend to get us all into the spirit of the holiday.

St. Patrick's Day toddler activities

Five Easy St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Toddlers

  1. Dot Sticker Activity - Okay, I’ve raved about The Busy Toddler and her activities with dot stickers a few times. It’s such a simple and inexpensive trick… I mean activity… to keep your toddler preoccupied and interested. Here are some St. Patty’s themed print outs specifically designed for dot stickers that the resourceful mama created that I am DEFINITELY using with C this week. This printout can also be used with Do a Dot Markers, if you are more trusting of your pint-sized hellion than I am.

  2. Color Mixing Shamrock - AKA finger painting without the mess, smurf fingers and clean up. I saw this one by Crafts on Sea and it looked like a great way to explore how colors mix and create new colors, but it’s also great for sensory and creativity. Added bonus: superrrrr easy setup. Draw a shamrock on a ziplock (I’m going to do a larger size for more play space), add blue and yellow paint into the middle of the inside of the bag. And VOILA, your kiddo can have fun smooshing the colors around and discovering that blue and yellow become green! Neat, am I right?

  3. Glitter Green Homemade Play dough - I don’t think it is in a child’s chemical makeup to be disinterested in good ol’ fashioned play dough! When we were growing up, I had no idea that stores even sold play dough, it was just something my mom did regularly. Now, my child, definitely thinks play dough comes from a store, but I’m ready to try my hand at our own version. Two-part fun moment: not only does your kiddo get to get their hands on some glittery green play dough (recipe courtesy of A Mom’s Impression blog, but they also get to help you make it, which is fun fun for everyone!

  4. Set up a Scavenger Hunt - The Play, Party, Plan blog has a great little scavenger hunt list you can print out so that you don’t even really have to put thought into being the funnest mommy this side of ever! Now Charlie might be a little too young, but I think a scavenger hunt for gold coins and four leaf clovers would be a fun and low-maintenance way to get active and inquisitive with your toddler.

  5. Gold Hunt Sensory Bin - Who doesn’t love a good sensory bin? Well, me… I don’t! But that is because Charlie likes to try to eat those water beads and can’t keep sand and snow inside the bins to save his life, BUT… sensory bins are a great way to stimulate the mind and keep a wee one preoccupied. Enter the Gold Hunt sensory bin by My Bored Toddler. This one may take some planning and a trip to the dollar store, but with a bin, a little dried rice, some gold coins and plastic shamrocks, you will be in St. Patty’s bi-nass!

What St. Patrick’s Day activities do you have planned? What has worked for you in the past and what was a big, fat flop! We want to know! Share your ideas in the comments below and may the luck o’ the Irish be with you this holiday weekend!